Undisputedly Suited for Success


Another Suit Up!  has passed with resounding success. This year, we managed to provide even more school-aged students with gift cards and an after hours shopping spree at Old Navy South Edmonton Common. With the help of an enthusiastic Old Navy staff that volunteered after hours to help run the event, the GEOMEER team managed to Suit Up! 100 children with new clothes for the beginning of school. By giving this fresh start to students, it not only relieves the financial burden of new clothes from struggling parents, but also gives children a chance to get back into the swing of school with many new outfits! The families were very excited to get started on their shopping spree and found their favorite items in the store in no time. The students were so excited to have new gear. We are happy to say that we helped to equip 100 students with the means to start off the school year with a bang.

If you are sitting at your desk and loving what we are all about, then you are probably wondering how you can help GEOMEER in the future. First of all, and most importantly, we are accepting donations to begin fundraising for Helping Hampers. As always, all donations go towards the projects. We are working with our partners to have the hampers be as efficient and helpful as possible for families. If you would like to donate, then simply click the Donate Now! tab just above this blog. In addition, if you would like to become involved as a volunteer, we are working on finding tasks that need volunteers so you can become an active member of our organization. More on that as information becomes available!!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we encourage all of you to get involved in your communities. Make sure you pick something soon because everything will be filling up quickly! In addition to Thanksgiving, we also have Halloween this month. As a nutrition student, I have learned of a fabulous alternative to the traditional trick-or-treating that has become tradition. It is called trick-or-eat. Instead of going out and collecting candy and chocolate, people go trick-or-eating to collect non-perishable food items that are donated to families in need of food. Through this little contribution, you can help families put food on their table during the increasingly cold months and you can be on the forefront of a new tradition.

With all of that said, enjoy the beautiful colours of the fall season, get lost in the sweet sound of leaves crunching and crackling under your footsteps, and bundle up against the cool weather that will soon arrive.