The Dawning of A New Season

Did you know that the world’s largest snowflake was 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick!? Whether we want it or not, winter is fast approaching which means that the days are getting shorter and there is more time for reflection. Temperatures in Edmonton can easily fall to 40 below and many families do not have the ability to keep warm and well-fed in such a harsh climate. Now is the time to think of them. Now is the time to take action.

As a local charity our mission is to help families in our community receive the items that make daily living less difficult. We have witnessed the poverty that exists in our local community and we know that winter can be especially hard on families that cannot afford necessities such as coats and winter shoes. Our campaign is in full swing now and Helping Hampers is well on its way! This year we are expanding to help more families in bettering their quality of living.

Consider donating to GEOMEER to help us help families survive the winter. Every donation counts because it is through our combined efforts that we make a difference in the lives these families. Just like the largest snowflake, we want to make history, and to make a long lasting impact in our community. The time is now to become involved, connected, and to create change.