Suit Up is Back!


With classes starting in three weeks, back-to-school is coming too fast for many families. The return to school comes with many costs; families must pay for bus passes, school fees, new school materials, books and clothes. On top of this, regular bills must be paid and food for lunches must be bought. Suddenly, the piling up of expenses at this time of year becomes quite the daunting task for many families. For this reason, we at GEOMEER created the event Suit Up! to relieve some of the back-to-school stress on families living in poverty. This year, we will be collaborating with two Old Navy locations to provide an “after hours” clothes shopping spree for children in need. Families get to take their children shopping and these young students begin the school year fresh with new clothes that have chosen themselves. If you would like to support our event, please donate online through our Donate Now tab. Your funds will ensure that young students can go back to school with new-found confidence.