Shine Some Light into the Lives of Others

  Sunshine copy

            Welcome back everyone to warm sunny days, dinners on the patio and the best months of the year. Spring has arrived in time to dry up the trails, grow the grass and prepare the beautiful landscape of the Whitemud Ravine for the participants of the 2013 Aspen Gardens Community Challenge.

This is the second year that the Fun Runs will provide you an opportunity to donate to charity while enjoying a sunlit day of activity and fun. The registration is very similar to last year: the 10 K Run/Walk Challenge is an individual entry for $40 and the Family and Friends Fun Run/Walk is a team entry of up to 6 people for only $40 per team. After the race, there will be food and entertainment including face painting, an inflatable obstacle course for all ages and more. Registration is easy, follow this link and you will be redirected straight to our personalized race page

GEOMEER’s projects support families that are most often classified as “food insecure.” This classification means that they cannot access or afford healthy, sufficient and safe food. In 2011, the cost to feed a family of four for a month was $700. For families with a single parent trying to work, manage childcare and pay many other bills to maintain a house, food is a big expense coming out of their salaries. These numbers have undoubtedly gone up since first reported two years ago. The Edmonton Food Bank alone helps over 15,000 people receive food boxes every month. Approximately 40 percent of these people are children and they go to school hungry many days in the month.

Although it is hard to think of hard times and suffering while the sunny days are keeping our mood up we must remember that there are neighbours in our communities that cannot escape hardship. Shine some light into the lives of those who need it most and volunteer for a local organization or donate to a local charity that is trying to make a difference in your community. It is like a two for one: you help better the lives of your neighbours and your own life benefits as well!


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