New logo, slogan, and a warm welcome to our newest member!

Hey everyone!

Today has been a big day for GEOMEER… We’re pleased to announce some big changes that we’re very excited about!

First of all, we have officially unveiled our new logo and slogan! GEOMEER Logo

We wanted our refreshed logo to represent our biggest goal of bringing a community together to help those who need it. As you can see, it features a household surrounded by a “starburst” of individuals. We’re very happy with the new logo, and we hope you love it too! We also decided that it was time for a new slogan, and decided that “because community matters” best describes what we believe in!

Second, we are so pleased to announce that we have added a new member to our executive committee: Kaytlyn Beakhouse!


Kaytlyn brings a ton of enthusiasm to our group, and we know she is going to take excellent care of the rural schools that will be picking up the GEOMEER project later this year. Check out Kaytlyn’s bio here!

The final countdown for Suit Up! has officially started… Stay tuned for more exciting news!