Helping Hampers 2012

GEOMEER has just launched its third annual Helping Hamper’s campaign!

Students across central Alberta are busy painting posters, handing out flyers and divvying up their Donation Lists for this year’s collection. Soon the campaigns will begin and the donations will mount. Why the excitement? How does GEOMEER motivate our local teenagers to bring in food items, toiletries and household goods?

It’s simple: these students know that their donations will change the lives of a family who could be living within their own neighborhood.

Here’s a quick peek at what’s taking place in our Edmonton schools right now:

Large high schools such as M.E. LaZerte, Jasper Place and Harry Ainlay are gearing up to each bring in 10 hampers. That’s over $20,000 from each school! W.P. Wagner, J.Percy Page, Lillian Osborne, Ross Sheppard and Vimy Ridge are preparing to each complete 5 or more hampers. And ever our smaller schools like Queen Elizabeth, Academy at King Edward, Victoria, McNally, Keyano, J.D. Bracco, Eastglen and Vernon Barford are all doing at least a hamper each.

The goals for Helping Hampers this year are outstanding, and the community impact will be immense. I’ll keep you posted as the campaigns continue to launch over the next couple weeks!

Your school isn’t part of the project this year, but you still want to make an impact? What to do?

Donate now to GEOMEER and your proceeds will go towards one of the 105 families who need a helping hand this year. GEOMEER is completely non-profit, all staff are volunteers and every donation (big or small) will go towards one of our events for needy families.