Helping Hamper Feedback – 2011

Hello everyone! With the majority of the Helping Hampers campaigns underway in Alberta high schools, junior high schools, and businesses, we thought we would share some feedback that we received from last year’s campaign. We hope it will inspire and motivate all the good people who are working hard to make this year an even bigger success!

Family #1

The family has shared that the hamper has continued to bring their family joy. Mom has not had to worry about deciding what essential items or groceries need to be left off the list because they are still enjoying the hamper in February!

The daughter was especially thrilled that her mother could relax about money issues. Her mother is a single parent and full time student. Her six-year-old brother loved his teddy bear – it was so soft and cuddly. He always sleeps with this toy. The mother said her daughter went ‘ballistic’ when she saw her stuffed ‘turtle’. She has appreciated her gym shoes – she really needed them. One of the gifts was really important – she loved her books and has read them all! She loved Phantom in the Sky and says reading is one of her passions.

She says her family has enjoyed the gifts for the last two months and they still have items left! This is a wonderful project. You are changing their lives!

Family #2

WOW!!  The family was thrilled with the hamper they received. They were grateful for the food, as well as the personal items. When asked about their hamper, each family member had an item that they really enjoyed. The beautiful bracelet delighted the mother. She said that she had always wanted one and that the one she was given was amazing! She felt really special receiving such an amazing gift. The nerf gun and farting putty made a hit with the boys. The art set was perfect for the daughter as she really enjoys art. The gift cards were great and useful. The three-year-old boy loved his mega blocks.

The generosity and compassion of this hamper is overwhelming. To have such thought put into not only the gifts given but also into the care shown through the wrapping of the gifts not to mention the amazing leadership of the students who delivered the items to the school……inspiring!

Family #3

Thank you once again for coordinating this amazing event.  The parents were completely overwhelmed.  They had no idea that the help would come in such volume and range of support.  The young boy that is in our school could not stop grinning and joyfully helped carry the packages into the house.

After the 4th or 5th trip to the truck and back the mom and dad just kept saying “Oh my gosh, there’s more?”  By the end they were speechless and mom was in tears.

She said, “I had pretty much lost hope in the thought of communities helping in this manner and that when you are struggling you are always on your own.  This changes everything.”

They offered us a can of pop, and gave us a thank you card, which simply said,  “Thank you for the much needed help.”

One of the significant side effects is that the boy at our school has now had an opportunity to witness and experience, first hand, the Gospel message of hope and joy from those who believe that faith and love is an action, not just something written in a Bible and talked about in religion class.

On behalf of the family, and all good people doing good things, Thank you students and staff for making a difference in a big way, one family at a time.

Thank you, one and all, very much and God bless you and abundantly!

Family #4

I can’t even begin to express to you and your students the impact that the “hamper” had on the family from our school. I was moved to see what the family would be receiving – not just enough for Christmas but enough to sustain them through the year. What a wonderful gift to a very deserving family!

I spoke with the mother after the delivery in the morning and she was brought to tears when I explained just what she would be receiving. When I mentioned there were also some Christmas gifts for the children, she was speechless.

PLEASE pass on our sincerest gratitude for the work your students have done to pull this all together.  What a difference they are making in our community!

Please know that your efforts made a significant impact in the lives of the family that received the hamper. The recipient family had recently gone through a traumatic change in the family and the mom was feeling overwhelmed with her emotional state. She struggled to shield her three children from her own emotional despair. Your gifts not only provided a reprieve from financial demands, your gifts also provided a wonderful cushion from extra emotional strains as well. The mom of this family had tears in her eyes when she saw the baskets filled with items.

This act of true generosity was most valued. Please know of the big embrace mom shared as a thank you.

Upon receiving the gifts, one of the children in the family commented the next day saying, “It was you, wasn’t it, Principal? You were the Santa who came to our house.” I told this young girl that actually there were a lot of great Santas in the world!

Thank you!


Good luck to everyone with their campaigns!