Get Ready For a Scorching Summer

Fortunately, this sweltering heat arrived just after the first annual Aspen Gardens Community Challenge. On June 23rd over 100 racers competed in near-perfect weather: a sunny and a mild 21-degrees day. It was great to see how many families stayed after the 5 kilometer family race to enjoy the food and entertainment.

With an expert balloon man, an inflatable racetrack with pedal carts, and Astrojump inflatables there was something for everyone. And, of course, there was food to nourish and refresh the racers. Check out the pictures from the race day to see the highlights of an amazing event.  The inaugural race was a huge success and we are excited for next year and what will come the second time around.

Now that it is summer many people have some free time to enjoy the heat. It is the perfect time for some volunteer work. Try volunteering with the city of Edmonton or an independent organization and you will be surprised at the impact you will have on other people’s lives.

GEOMEER’s Suit Up! campaign is fast approaching and any monetary help would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to expand this year and have even more children living in poverty participate and receive their back-to-school clothes. Donations are most easily given online on the GEOMEER website through PayPal. To find out more details about what Suit Up! is all about, check it out on our website.

Enjoy the heat wave (we’ll be wishing it was longer when we are having -30C in February) and hopefully you’ll find ways to stay cool.