GEOMEER gets National Status!

GEOMEER has come a long way since being created in 2009, helping over 200 families in the attempt to overcome poverty. Our year has started out with a bang as we have officially received national status. You may be asking what does this even mean? First off, it means that GEOMEER is now recognized as a charitable society across the nation. Second of all, donations over $10 can now be given a tax receipt so your donation can help not only families in need but yourself too! We are enthused to have been given national status and hope that it will help us further our impact on communities in need.

Helping Hampers was completed about a month ago and we will soon be getting feedback from the families. Because of this, we will be able to figure out what kind of impacts that our project is having on the families that received the help. Hopefully we will hear some amazing stories of success from the families.

One more exciting announcement is that GEOMEER will be hosting our first ever Appreciation Gala to thank our partners for helping us have another successful year. It is going to be happening near the end of this month and will bring together great contributors to enjoy a delicious meal and share stories of success from this year’s campaign.

Finally, we have one more announcement: we have added three more members to our team! Jenna Motkoski will be doing PR and media, Charles Lim will be working on sponsorship and Stuart McGibbon will take on a role in accounting. Our new members are dynamic additions to our team and we know that they will help to better our charity.

February has shown great promise for another impactful year from GEOMEER. We look forward to further our involvement in the community and hope to bring you along for the ride.