Connecting People to Their Local Community

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GEOMEER is ringing in the New Year by celebrating our fifth successful Helping Hampers campaign! When this project first started as an attempt to engage students and community in a local, meaningful project, we would have never guessed that we would be where we are today.

Thanks to countless students, staff and volunteers we have been able to deliver long-term aid to families in Edmonton to give them a chance to break out of poverty. This year we raised $228,000 by creating 114 hampers that were delivered to families in communities near you.

Many of the families that we work with are single-parent families that support one or more children. “Lone parents’ median income in 2011 was $47,200 less than the median income for two parent families in 2011” in Edmonton. On top of this, “women in Edmonton working full-time earn on average just 75.1% of what their male counterpart do.” It is no wonder that many single parent families do not have the funds to sustain good health and shelter for their family in our seemingly economically advanced society.

Projects such as our Helping Hampers initiative call upon citizens to recognize the need in our own communities and take action. We hope that by partnering schools with a family in their local area that people will feel a connection with the family, and will be impassioned to become active members of fighting poverty in our city. Together we can make Edmonton a strong, united, and connected city.

Source: Edmonton Poverty Fact Sheet (