Charitably Chasing Summer

TroyCharitableChase2014GEOMEER’s third annual Charitable Chase kicked off with bright spirits and sunny skies. With almost 300 participants and 60 volunteers, runners soaked in the beautiful weather and scenic route as friends and family cheered them on. After the race, participants enjoyed great food, music, and activities, including bouncy castles, face painting, and tug-of-war.

But for race participants like Troy Neilson, GEOMEER’s Charitable Chase is so much more than a fun kick-off to the summer with family and friends. It’s also an opportunity to make a tangible difference in his community.

“In my opinion, the largest impact that this run has is the hope it provides for families that are struggling financially,” says Troy. “With the run helping GEOMEER raise awareness of families in dire need, there is hope that the community will take notice of local poverty. These families can find some hope in knowing that the community is there to help.”

For young people like Troy, GEOMEER is that connection to the sometimes-faceless issue of poverty. Through initiatives like the Charitable Chase, youth can take part in the fundraising effort and become engaged in the conversation about income inequality. GEOMEER’s work in our city is proof of our young generation’s passion for community activism and positive change.

In total, this year’s Charitable Chase raised almost $4,000, which will go towards GEOMEER’s Suit Up! initiative. Taking place every year in late August, Suit Up! gives families in need the chance to purchase their own back-to-school clothing at a local Old Navy store. This project not only helps to alleviate families’ “back-to-school” stress, but it also allows them to pick their own clothes and get exactly what they need. If you would like to support our event, please donate online through our Donate Now tab. Your funds will ensure that young students can go back to school with newfound confidence.