Undisputedly Suited for Success


Another Suit Up!  has passed with resounding success. This year, we managed to provide even more school-aged students with gift cards and an after hours shopping spree at Old Navy South Edmonton Common. With the help of an enthusiastic Old Navy staff that volunteered after hours to help run the event, the GEOMEER team managed to Suit Up! 100 children with new clothes for the beginning of school. By giving this fresh start to students, it not only relieves the financial burden of new clothes from struggling parents, but also gives children a chance to get back into the swing of school with many new outfits! The families were very excited to get started on their shopping spree and found their favorite items in the store in no time. The students were so excited to have new gear. We are happy to say that we helped to equip 100 students with the means to start off the school year with a bang.

If you are sitting at your desk and loving what we are all about, then you are probably wondering how you can help GEOMEER in the future. First of all, and most importantly, we are accepting donations to begin fundraising for Helping Hampers. As always, all donations go towards the projects. We are working with our partners to have the hampers be as efficient and helpful as possible for families. If you would like to donate, then simply click the Donate Now! tab just above this blog. In addition, if you would like to become involved as a volunteer, we are working on finding tasks that need volunteers so you can become an active member of our organization. More on that as information becomes available!!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we encourage all of you to get involved in your communities. Make sure you pick something soon because everything will be filling up quickly! In addition to Thanksgiving, we also have Halloween this month. As a nutrition student, I have learned of a fabulous alternative to the traditional trick-or-treating that has become tradition. It is called trick-or-eat. Instead of going out and collecting candy and chocolate, people go trick-or-eating to collect non-perishable food items that are donated to families in need of food. Through this little contribution, you can help families put food on their table during the increasingly cold months and you can be on the forefront of a new tradition.

With all of that said, enjoy the beautiful colours of the fall season, get lost in the sweet sound of leaves crunching and crackling under your footsteps, and bundle up against the cool weather that will soon arrive.

Suit Up, Because It’s going to be Legen…..wait for it…..dary!

From blistering hot days to torrential downpours, we are getting all sorts of weather this summer. That is why children need the right clothing to keep them cool and dry. Who better to help with this than us at GEOMEER? On August 26th our second annual Suit Up! campaign is going to be taking place; it will give the chance to children living in poverty to choose new clothes for back to school at no cost to them!


If you want to see pictures of last year’s campaign then mosey on down to the Suit Up! tab on our website and check them out. As well, if you would like to contribute towards any of our projects, find the Donate Now tab and you can donate online.


Summer is coming to a close so be sure to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and see if you can’t make a difference through volunteering.

Get Ready For a Scorching Summer

Fortunately, this sweltering heat arrived just after the first annual Aspen Gardens Community Challenge. On June 23rd over 100 racers competed in near-perfect weather: a sunny and a mild 21-degrees day. It was great to see how many families stayed after the 5 kilometer family race to enjoy the food and entertainment.

With an expert balloon man, an inflatable racetrack with pedal carts, and Astrojump inflatables there was something for everyone. And, of course, there was food to nourish and refresh the racers. Check out the pictures from the race day to see the highlights of an amazing event.  The inaugural race was a huge success and we are excited for next year and what will come the second time around.

Now that it is summer many people have some free time to enjoy the heat. It is the perfect time for some volunteer work. Try volunteering with the city of Edmonton or an independent organization and you will be surprised at the impact you will have on other people’s lives.

GEOMEER’s Suit Up! campaign is fast approaching and any monetary help would be greatly appreciated. We are hoping to expand this year and have even more children living in poverty participate and receive their back-to-school clothes. Donations are most easily given online on the GEOMEER website through PayPal. To find out more details about what Suit Up! is all about, check it out on our website.

Enjoy the heat wave (we’ll be wishing it was longer when we are having -30C in February) and hopefully you’ll find ways to stay cool.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

This month we are just going to have a very short blog because there is only one major announcement: the Aspen Gardens Community Challenge 5 or 10k walk/run is less than 2 weeks away! We have some great entertainment and food planned for after the race including a pancake breakfast with fruit platters from Cora’s (after the 10k), food sponsored by Boston Pizza (after the 5k), a pedal cart track, the opening of the spray park and park and much more. It’s going to be more than just a run-of-the-mill fun run, it will be a full day of fun!

The entry fees for the race increase in price on Monday because regular registration ends and late registration begins so be sure to register as soon as possible. This will help us know our numbers and we will be able to serve you better. Please get the word out as much as possible and help us make this event a big success as it will make our Suit Up! campaign a success as well.

Run Into Spring

It looks like spring is finally here to stay and we couldn’t be more excited about its arrival! Our biggest announcement right now is that the Aspen Garden Community Challenge is only 41 days away! On June 23, the start gun will sound for the first time ever in an event that we hope will become a tradition. We have some great ideas in place for the race including a scenic 10 km route in the Whitemud ravine and a great 5 km route perfectly suitable for families of all kinds. You can see the 10 km route by clicking on the following link
The 5 km route is accessible by following the following link: http://www.mapmyrun.com/routes/view/90537703
The races will be at 8:00 am and 10:30 am respectively and there will be food and entertainment afterwards that will last well into the afternoon.

To register for the race simply click the following link and you will be taken straight to The Running Room website page specifically for our race and you can register!

We hope our first ever race is very successful and we know that you, the participants, will make it so.

The colours of spring are showing and new life is appearing all around us. In this season of growth and hope be sure to remember the families who continue to struggle. Although the hardest winter months are over there are still many families in this city and our community who need our support. Be an active citizen and find ways in which you can bring the hope and joy of spring to those who need it most.

Enjoy the sunshine and warm weather while it is here and we hope to see you in June for what promises to be an exciting race!

GEOMEER Charitable Chase and Fun Run Brochure/Registration

Hey everyone! GEOMEER, in partnership with the Aspen Gardens Community League and The Running Room, is very pleased to present the GEOMEER Charitable Chase and Aspen Gardens Fun Run in support of GEOMEER’s 2012 “Suit Up!” campaign. Check out the brochure below for more information, and click here to register on The Running Room’s website!


A Celebration of our Success

As the cold weather rushed in, the winds blew and the snow finally began to fall we figured that it was time for a celebration. And what better way to celebrate this beautiful blessing than to host our first ever GEOMEER Gala! On February 29, we brought together the representatives from high schools, elementary schools, community leagues and businesses that helped make our projects such a success this year. Without their support, the projects wouldn’t have been as amazing as they were.

The evening featured two keynote speakers, a delicious three course meal from Rasoi Indian Grill and great conversation. The two speakers each told stories of the impact that Helping Hampers and Suit Up! had on the receiving families they personally knew.   In addition, each of the participating schools, community leagues and businesses received a certificate of participation in the project and the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. We feel that like the tree, these kind people have taken the time to give selflessly to others in need. It was wonderful to celebrate with people who share a common goal: to help improve the lives of others in our community.

Now, you may be asking: what’s in store for GEOMEER in the next few months? Well, we are currently planning a 5k and 10k fun walk/run on June 23rd. We are teaming up with The Running Room, Aspen Gardens Community League, and other sponsors to make this race fantastic! If you are interested in helping to sponsor the event or to make donations, please contact Joshua Bateman or donate through our website. Specific information about the run will be available on The Running Room website shortly. It is a great way to be fit, have fun and contribute to a great cause. We hope to see you there!

GEOMEER gets National Status!

GEOMEER has come a long way since being created in 2009, helping over 200 families in the attempt to overcome poverty. Our year has started out with a bang as we have officially received national status. You may be asking what does this even mean? First off, it means that GEOMEER is now recognized as a charitable society across the nation. Second of all, donations over $10 can now be given a tax receipt so your donation can help not only families in need but yourself too! We are enthused to have been given national status and hope that it will help us further our impact on communities in need.

Helping Hampers was completed about a month ago and we will soon be getting feedback from the families. Because of this, we will be able to figure out what kind of impacts that our project is having on the families that received the help. Hopefully we will hear some amazing stories of success from the families.

One more exciting announcement is that GEOMEER will be hosting our first ever Appreciation Gala to thank our partners for helping us have another successful year. It is going to be happening near the end of this month and will bring together great contributors to enjoy a delicious meal and share stories of success from this year’s campaign.

Finally, we have one more announcement: we have added three more members to our team! Jenna Motkoski will be doing PR and media, Charles Lim will be working on sponsorship and Stuart McGibbon will take on a role in accounting. Our new members are dynamic additions to our team and we know that they will help to better our charity.

February has shown great promise for another impactful year from GEOMEER. We look forward to further our involvement in the community and hope to bring you along for the ride.

A Brave New Year


In a flash, this year’s Helping Hampers has come to a close with resounding success! Over the past month, the GEOMEER team along with 13 high schools successfully delivered hampers to 70 families with each family receiving food, cleaning products and toiletries worth $2000. The high schools were incredible in collecting multiple hampers to help the families in their community. This year, 7 of the high schools involved were new additions to the project and they all collected amazing hampers. We would like to thank everyone who helped with the project and have helped to make an impact in the lives of your neighbours. We have helped to put a dent in the growing problem of poverty in our city.


We at GEOMEER wish everyone a very exciting and meaningful 2012. We know that this year will be a great year for the growth of our organization and we hope that you will join us in our mission to make a difference in the lives of others. We will be running our 2nd annual Suit Up! Campaign and our Helping Hampers project during the 2012 holiday season. We are also hoping to plan some new and exciting events and some awesome fundraisers throughout the year so that you can get involved as well! We can’t wait for this year to get underway and we can only hope that you are as excited as we are for all that 2012 will bring!


Happy New Year,



An Impossible Winter Wonderland

An article in last week’s Metro newspaper stated that the rate of child poverty has increased 40% since 2008. (http://www.metronews.ca/calgary/local/article/1033002–report-child-poverty-up-by-40) This means that in less time than it took for a  student to get a university degree, the number of children in poverty has increased by 10% a year.  As the snow coats the ground in beautiful white layers and we begin to cozy up in a blanket by the fire or on the couch in our warm homes, we need to think of those who do not have this opportunity. For them this season is not a wonderful winter wonderland but a harsh time where simply staying warm and well fed is nearly impossible. In the season of giving the greatest gift to receive is hope: hope for a better life; hope that there is a future to believe in.

Our Helping Hampers project is designed specifically to help local families surmount poverty and begin living happier and healthier lives. With a hamper containing $2000 worth of food, hygiene products and cleaning supplies, the families that we help have a legitimate chance to break the cycle of poverty. We know that with the collective efforts of GEOMEER members, schools, volunteers, and donors that we can help them do just that. Please take time while enjoying your holidays to help those who, despite their best efforts, cannot break the cycle by themselves.

As always, we appreciate any donations. You can make them through our website by following the donate link. As well, check out our GEOMEER Facebook page to help us in our “$1 per like” campaign with FLT Connections.


Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays from the GEOMEER team!