Be A Lucky Charm for Your Community

March is in! The days are getting longer, brighter and just a little bit warmer. We have been gearing up for the season by making some additions and planning out upcoming events. First of all, GEOMEER has added a governance board that will work on long term planning to ensure that we will continue developing with a purpose and a plan. Our GEOMEER executive team will continue to work on our yearly projects like Helping Hampers, Suit Up!, the Gala and the Fun Run to maintain quality service to families in need.

That brings us to our second announcement this month. The second annual Aspen Gardens Community Challenge will be taking place on Saturday, June 8th. If you missed it last year then you want to make sure to participate this time around. We have a 10 kilometer walk/run mainly in the Whitemud ravine trails as well as a 5 kilometer family fun walk/run. After the race, there will be food and a full day of entertainment and activities. You can access the registration page through the running room website under the races tab.

On another note, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and this is a time for celebration. We challenge you to celebrate the variety of charitable societies that exist in the Edmonton community and volunteer for a few hours. It could be anything from helping out at a Mustard Seed dinner to going for a walk with your family and cleaning up the neighbourhood of some litter. You might just find some leprechaun’s lost gold under the next piece of litter you pick up.