A Fresh Start to a New Year


We hope that you have had a wonderful summer! With the beginning of the school year comes many stresses for families as they strive to complete all the tasks necessary. Paying school fees, buying new clothes, and getting the right school supplies are among these essential tasks to get ready for the year.

Our latest venture, Suit Up! was specifically created for this occasion to help relieve those stresses. We gave the children of disadvantaged families a gift card to use at an Old Navy for their personal shopping spree. It was our third time executing this event event and it was a rousing success! The stores, opened after-hours specifically for these children, filled up within minutes; the children, alongside their guardians, had a wonderful time shopping for new outfits and finding some great accessories. Each child was assisted by volunteers and they were able to choose items that they loved. This was our most successful Suit Up! yet; we gave the opportunity to 172 students to start of the year with some fresh clothes and a fresh start.

With Suit Up! now completed, we would like to invite you to begin thinking about our next initiative, the Helping Hampers campaign! This event will happen near at the end of December and will require much preparation and fundraising. We are expanding the project this year to more schools and more cities! We hope that in our efforts to expand this project we will see increased success and have a meaningful impact on a larger community. You can read more about Helping Hampers under the projects tab on our website.

From everyone here at the GEOMEER team we wish you a wonderful start to your school or work year and we remind you to always take the time to think of those in need.