As the Cold Wind Blows

In the city of Edmonton, 28% of females and 24% of males are living in poverty. This encompasses all age groups living under harsh conditions. Especially now, in the winter season, these individuals, couples, and families have to make decisions on whether to pay the heating bill or to put food on the table. In 2009, just two years ago, Statistics Canada reported that in the greater Edmonton area one in eight people and one in five children are living in poverty.

In a rich, modern, and well-established city such as Edmonton these numbers are shocking. The poverty in our local community needs to be addressed and we have the ability and the responsibility to help our neighbours overcome their difficulties and continue to make our community thrive. While international aid is important, we can help members of our community change their lives for the better and move further along the road out of poverty and despair. Do what you can to get involved to help to make our communities stronger, better, and happier places for all our citizens.