An Impossible Winter Wonderland

An article in last week’s Metro newspaper stated that the rate of child poverty has increased 40% since 2008. (–report-child-poverty-up-by-40) This means that in less time than it took for a  student to get a university degree, the number of children in poverty has increased by 10% a year.  As the snow coats the ground in beautiful white layers and we begin to cozy up in a blanket by the fire or on the couch in our warm homes, we need to think of those who do not have this opportunity. For them this season is not a wonderful winter wonderland but a harsh time where simply staying warm and well fed is nearly impossible. In the season of giving the greatest gift to receive is hope: hope for a better life; hope that there is a future to believe in.

Our Helping Hampers project is designed specifically to help local families surmount poverty and begin living happier and healthier lives. With a hamper containing $2000 worth of food, hygiene products and cleaning supplies, the families that we help have a legitimate chance to break the cycle of poverty. We know that with the collective efforts of GEOMEER members, schools, volunteers, and donors that we can help them do just that. Please take time while enjoying your holidays to help those who, despite their best efforts, cannot break the cycle by themselves.

As always, we appreciate any donations. You can make them through our website by following the donate link. As well, check out our GEOMEER Facebook page to help us in our “$1 per like” campaign with FLT Connections.

Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays from the GEOMEER team!