5 Ways to Give Your Community Spirit a Springtime Boost


1. If You Want to Relax:

Now that the hardships of Canadian winters are almost over for another year (cross your fingers!), give yourself a break. Spend time refocusing and figuring out what you want to get out of this spring.

  • * Take a walk in Edmonton’s River Valley! Now’s the time to enjoy our city’s natural beauty without worrying about the sweltering sun. Plus, mindful walking is a proven way to reduce stress.
  • * Blow off steam with some sustainable retail therapy! Invest in your community by supporting unique local businesses. And if you don’t know where to start, here are a couple resources to get you up and running! The Local Good / Edmonton Local
  • * The best way to relax is obviously to EAT. Try Edmonton’s Downtown Culinary Crawl! You’ll get to chow down on tons of tasty food, plus it’s done by bicycle. What a perfect way to indulge while still staying fit.
  • *Immerse yourself in spring by visiting the Muttart Conservatory’s Spring pyramid, open until April 10th!


2. If You Want to Explore:

It’s easy to live in a city without really experiencing all it has to offer. Expand your knowledge of Edmonton’s cultural landscape.

  • * Celebrate Edmonton’s history! Starting May 16th, you can wander through Fort Edmonton Park– even if you’ve been before I guarantee you’ll learn something new about our city’s past.
  • * Explore a growing part of our community’s arts scene at the Edmonton Poetry Festival from April 17th to 24th.
  • * If you’re exploring on a budget, pick a neighbourhood you haven’t really experienced and take a walk! It’s the best way to fully get to know a community. You’ll find landmarks, hidden architectural gems and local shops you might miss just driving by in a car. (Here’s a list of Edmonton’s best voted neighbourhoods, in case you don’t know where to start.)


3. If You’re Doing Some Spring Cleaning:

It is that time of year! If you’re determined to clear out the extra brick-a-brack you’ve got lying around, consider donating it.


4. If You Want to Engage:

What better way to celebrate spring, the season of renewal and energy, than by giving back to your community? There are numerous ways to lend your talents and energies to local organizations, and many require very little in the way of time commitment.

  • * Sign up at the Edmonton Insight Community, and you’ll receive monthly surveys about all sorts of local pending issues. All you have to do is answer a five-minute survey once a month to make your voice and opinions heard!
  • * Help make spring easier for Edmonton’s homeless by donating to the Bag of Hope campaign. Fill a backpack with some essentials, and then drop it off at any of their donation locations. You’ll make a real difference in someone’s life.
  • * You might have some extra time this spring–why not volunteer? Here are a couple great places to find causes that matter to you: Volunteer Edmonton / City of Edmonton. GEOMEER is also always eager for enthusiastic volunteers! Email our Mentorship Coordinator Daniella Batres at dbatres@geomeer.ca if you want to lend us a hand.


5. If You’re Already Anticipating The Summer:

By all means, plan ahead!

  • * Browse Edmonton’s list of festivals. Start marking up your calendar for all your personal must-sees!
  • * If you just want to wile away the time until summer vacation begins, consider stopping by a board game café! A relatively new phenomenon in Edmonton, you’re guaranteed to find a wonderful or wacky game to make time fly by. (Check out The Hexagon on Whyte Ave or Table Top Café on 124th.)
  • * Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be announcing the details for GEOMEER’s Sprint n’ Splash 2016 soon! Sunny skies, races, water fights and fun. What more could you ask for?


Be sure to tweet your own spring festivities at us (@geomeercanada), and enjoy your community this spring!