Monthly Archives: July 2015

Runners Dive into Summer at Sprint n’ Splash 2015

GEOMEER’s fourth annual race event–and first ever water run–was a splash! Our fantastic volunteers gathered at the Aspen Gardens Community League Hall early in the morning to fill water balloons and ready the race course. By 10:15, runners in our first race were on their way! Seventy-three enthusiastic participants┬áregistered for our 5K Water Fight Challenge,… Read more »

10 Things You Can Do for Your Community This Summer

GEOMEER believes in the importance of nurturing our communities by creating connections and working together. Sometimes being active in your community requires more effort in the summer. School-sponsored activities die down, and lots of extracurriculars like sports teams and choirs are on a break. Life is busy, even in the summer, but here are some… Read more »