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Helping Hamper Feedback – 2011

Hello everyone! With the majority of the Helping Hampers campaigns underway in Alberta high schools, junior high schools, and businesses, we thought we would share some feedback that we received from last year’s campaign. We hope it will inspire and motivate all the good people who are working hard to make this year an even… Read more »

Helping Hampers 2012

GEOMEER has just launched its third annual Helping Hamper’s campaign! Students across central Alberta are busy painting posters, handing out flyers and divvying up their Donation Lists for this year’s collection. Soon the campaigns will begin and the donations will mount. Why the excitement? How does GEOMEER motivate our local teenagers to bring in food… Read more »

Winter is Finally Here

  At last, winter is graciously falling upon us with layer upon layer of snow. This marks the beginning of many new and exciting activities: skiing and snowboarding, tobogganing, skating and more. However, it is also the beginning of the hardest struggle for families living in poverty. Though it is hard to believe, a report… Read more »